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As you may know, AT&T has officially launched their FirstNet network and monthly rate plans for First Responders! The states of NH, VT and ME have all signed their FirstNet contracts, so first responders working in these states now qualify for an exclusive FirstNet $39.99 a month rate plan (one phone) that provides unlimited talk, text and data on a dedicated First Responder network that provides priority & preemption just for you!

AT&T prides itself on being the ONLY wireless company with a union workforce.

Below you will find a basic summary of what FirstNet is and how it is vital for your departments. We would love to meet with you in person at your station and/or come to your next meeting and take 10 minutes to explain FirstNet, how it will benefit your team, and how we can get your station enrolled! At the bottom of this email I am providing direct contact numbers to our unionized AT&T stores. Please reach out and let us know when we can meet with you!


What is FirstNet?

Due to communications challenges during the response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the 9/11 Commission recommended the establishment of a single, interoperable network for public safety. For years, public safety organizations lobbied Congress to make this recommendation a reality. Therefore, when Congress established the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) in 2012, it based its mission on public safety’s express concerns and desires.

A dedicated core network with end-to-end encryption that was built exclusively for first responders, based on an understanding of public safety needs. You will get network priority meaning first responders connect first – they don’t have to compete with non-emergency users for a connection. First Responders on the FirstNet network also receive network preemption ensuring first responders have the bandwidth they need by detouring others off the network. This works like vehicle traffic being routed off the highway to make room for emergency personnel. Our FirstNet network also allows for dedicated interoperability with most existing equipment that your agency has, like LMRs.

No network congestion in emergencies

No network congestion during peak usage times in areas like schools or stadiums

Advanced capabilities as specific agency apps are requested, developed & offered to FirstNet users

Complete interoperability with LMRs & all other carrier networks

$40 Billion is currently being invested to expand network and spectrum build out for the FirstNet network

$39.99 monthly plan provides unlimited talk, text & data on the dedicated FirstNet network – with priority & preemption!


Several Options based on your individual department’s needs:

Agency paid lines – lines the department is paying for

Individual user paid lines

You will have the power to customize agency versus individual paid lines for each person in your department!


First responders also qualify for an amazing 25% off discount for First Responder family plans on Unlimited & More rate plans, plus additional discounts on DirecTV!

This option is not on the FirstNet network, and is meant for your family lines and any additional personal lines needed.



Below are a few short videos you can watch - but we would LOVE to meet you at your department and explain in person!

FirstNet Built with AT&T – Information site:   https://www.firstnet.com/power-of-firstnet

What is FirstNet?  What Is FirstNet?

FirstNet YouTube Channel – several informative short videos you can watch:   FirstNet YouTube Channel


Please reach out to your closest unionized AT&T store to set up a meeting & learn more about FirstNet. We can come to you!

Direct contacts for New Hampshire (not the store general numbers):

Somersworth, NH – (603) 380-4656  

Portsmouth, NH – (603) 502-1593 or (603) 721-1301

Nashua, NH – (978) 701-5057 or (781) 526-1196

If you are in Maine or Vermont you can also reach out directly and we can have your nearest unionized store contact you:  NH Area Sales Manager: Tiffany Oliveira 802-372-1001 or TH5458@att.com









GateHouse Treatment was originally founded by Nathan Irvine, in Nashua, New Hampshire soon after he found his own recovery. He wanted to help others who suffered from the same disease of addiction he did.

In 2009, GateHouse Treatment was started as a sober home to allow men to live in a safe and structured environment to aide them in early recovery. Today, GateHouse Treatment has grown into multi-facility drug treatment programs designed to lead men and women suffering from drug addiction and alcoholism through their early sobriety and help them reintegrate into society while maintaining long-term recovery.


Reach out to GateHouse Treatment today if you or a loved one is suffering and in need of our drug treatment programs.


CWA Local 1400 Members, Friends & Family contact:

Christopher Brown, Clinical Outreach Coordinator

(603)557-9741 Cell

(855)448-3588 Admissions

74 Northeastern Blvd., Suite 10, Nashua, NH 03062



When Verizon Wireless workers in Brooklyn, NY stood shoulder-to-shoulder with 36,000 other Verizon workers to win a union contract, the Communications Workers of America came to a tentative agreement with Verizon on a four-year contract extension! The new breakthrough contract included:

More money

Members will participate in the annual merit-based process in the same fashion as similarly-situated employees, but the pool available cannot drop lower than:

3% effective June 2020

2.75% effective June 2021

2.5% effective June 2022

2.5% effective June 2023

One-time ratification bonus of $900 for full-time Brooklyn workers ($450 for part-time) given out within 30 days of signing the new contract.

Input on improvements to scheduling - Quarterly meetings will be held between Management and the union to discuss further improvements that can be made to scheduling.

Less arbitrary scheduling - Members will now be able to challenge arbitrary changes in scheduling, vacations, holidays, or personal days through the grievance and arbitration process.

Better standards for overtime scheduling - managers will be required to seek volunteers for overtime work when additional coverage is required. If there are no volunteers, managers will be required to select the employee who has had the longest time since being required to work overtime.

Brooklyn VZW workers met to go over the new contract details and there was a palpable excitement about these huge victories - but sticking to union democracy, a vote to ratify the new contract was held.

It wasn't an easy victory, but the wage increases and the ability to have a say in our scheduling and work life was worth the fight. Joining a union has paid off for us - it can pay off for you too!


Help grow the movement; connect with Verizon Wireless workers throughout the country and check out our website to learn more about the campaign and get info on your rights at work.

Call our Google Voice Hotline: (347) 979-2929

Email us: tdubnau@cwa-union.org

Follow us on Twitter ► Like us on Facebook ► Check out the website ►




Verizon Wireless Call Center Workers Need A Voice!

By an Anonymous Verizon Wireless Call Center Worker

I'm a customer service specialist at a Verizon Wireless call center. I'm choosing to remain anonymous. You can call me agent V.

I was lucky, out of transition I was put on a Pro Team. My supervisor coaches Pros and a couple specialists. We have a front row seat to the "How to be the best" show, and out of any where in the call center these are the seats to be in.

More than half of my transition team ended up together on a separate team. I can see them from my desk. They have a supervisor that berates them for asking clarifying questions during trainings. She doesn't encourage them during their team huddles, and I can see their shoulders slumping from the pressure being put on them. Many of them haven't worked in high volume call centers before and aren't getting the guidance that's vital to long term success. How does someone like this become a supervisor at a company that prides themselves on being the best? Why isn't anyone stepping in and ending their humiliation? Because there is no one to step in. Our in house human resources team is one person. And HR's job is to protect the company from their workers. So it continues.

We had a kickoff within the last couple weeks, and our center director made sure to say that we don't need a "third party" to step in. Maybe she doesn't. She makes a living wage! She isn't brow beaten during meetings and coachings. She tells us during every meeting how successful we are, how we are a Fortune 500 company. How cool is that?

I work at a Fortune 500 company that is currently making record profits. She may be happy with the way things are but I’m not. I'm one of many representatives who need to know I have someone to call if my supervisor isn't treating me fairly. I need someone to negotiate a living wage for all of us, not just management. Most importantly, I need to know my job is secure and I won't be replaced with a less expensive option.

When we join together into a union we can do these things for ourselves. If they want to call that a third party, fine. But we cannot wait for someone to fix our situation for us. Let’s get organized!

The Union Difference At AT&T Mobility

Brian McVaugh, Shop Steward, Sales Representative, AT&T Mobility, Rochester, NY

Being part of the CWA gives you pride into your job on a daily basis. You know you can go to work every day and enjoy what you are doing. No sense of false promises or unfair working conditions. Before getting hired for AT&T I did not know that it was union. As a former Best Buy employee I knew that working in a sales environment can be stressful and strenuous on the mind and body. The Union has helped me out in so many ways, not just at my job, but also in life. The Union has helped pay some of my closing cost on my house, my health benefits and also the peace of mind of knowing that I can get free legal advice when needed too.

Working in a sales environment you would think taking extended vacations or planning time with your family would make you lose out on sales and money. The union has made that easy on us by fighting for quota relief. Quota relief gives you the ability to take time away from work whether it’s a doctor’s appointment, sick time, vacation or need to stay home to take care of your child. You get paid for your missed hours and sales equivalent to your quota for the day.

Having a union behind you can help with unfair disciplinary actions to keep peace of mind in the work place. Having a grievance system gives you the ability to fight unfair disciplinary actions. During a grievance you have the right to have a union representative with you while discussing with a manager or parties involved why you are being disciplined. This process ensures our rights are protected. Unfair discipline is removed from our records. Co-workers and I have all gone through a grievance process whether it was for performance, attendance or right down to the code of conduct of the business.

Watching the union grow to Cricket and Verizon Wireless will not only be good the employees but also for the customers. Happy Employees will lead to happy customers.

Building A Strong Shop Steward Structure At Verizon Wireless

By Nneka Franklyn, Shop Steward, Solutions Specialist, Verizon Wireless Montague St. Brooklyn, NY

As we bargain our first contracts at the recently unionized stores in Brooklyn, NY and Everett, MA, we are already building a strong union structure inside the stores. Over the last few weeks, workers in Everett elected a number of their co-workers to be shop stewards.

A shop steward is a union member who is trained to represent their coworkers when management attempts to discipline them. They also help organize their coworkers to mobilize during contract negotiations or other conflicts with the company. In Brooklyn, shop stewards have already been elected and they have all been trained to represent their coworkers on discipline, FMLA issues, and all other problems that may come up. Last week Brooklyn CWA Local, 1109 held their annual shop stewards' dinner to recognize their incredible work enforcing contracts and representing fellow union members in workplaces across the borough. For the first time ever, the event was attended by newly elected Verizon Wireless shop stewards.

With this system of stewards in place, Verizon Wireless workers in Brooklyn and Everett, along with the long time unionized switch techs in the New York Metro area, are the most protected workers in the whole company.


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