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Click the link below to view/print the 2017-2020 Contract:

AEEF-WGBH CBA 2017-2020



Dear CWA Local 1400/WGBH Members,


Recently, Jeff Elias, President of CWA Local 1300, requested to be merged into CWA Local 1400. We met with a lot of you back in August. Effective October 1st you are now members of CWA Local 1400!


CWA Local 1400 has a strong reputation for representing the membership and we are dedicated to fighting for fair and just contracts. Our leadership team in Local 1400 will now bargain and enforce a total of 8 contracts:


Verizon Communications (CSSC, SFC, VCCD)

Consolidated Communications

AT&T Mobility


Verizon Communications (SOEC)

City of Boston Credit Union




If you haven’t already done so, please sent us your personal home email address and cell phone number so we can keep you updated!

You can sign up by:


Visiting our website "Update Your Info" page:   http://cwalocal1400.org/form.shtml


Emailing your information to: info@cwalocal1400.org


Your CWA Local 1400 Executive Board Members and Leadership Team are committed to fight for EVERY member, EVERY day, for EVERY contract!

We’d like to extend a very warm welcome to our new brothers and sisters from CWA Local 1300. Welcome to the 1400 family!


Also: Join us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/groups/43406712559/


In Solidarity,

Text Box:



Don Trementozzi, President

CWA Local 1400


September 27, 2018


Dear CWA members,


As discussed at the spring meeting, we have been in the process of merging into CWA Local 1400. That process is now complete, and we are now represented by this larger local.

The officers of our union (who you may have met at the meeting) are:

Don Trementozzi, President

Keri Evinson, Executive Vice President

Theresa Dobson, Treasurer

Karen Cusson, Secretary


I will continue to represent the bargaining unit at WGBH as District Vice President in Local 1400. Our steward network will also remain a vital part of our strength, keeping you updated with union news and available to you for any issues you may need to discuss. And you can always reach out directly to the union officers and myself.

This is a truly exciting development for our union, and if you have any questions about what this means, please feel free to call me at (617) 877-3718 or email at jeff.elias@gmail.com.

To receive communication from CWA Local 1400, please send your name, personal home email address and cell number to: info@cwalocal1400.org.


Thanks for all your support!

Jeff Elias

District Vice President, CWA Local 1400



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Katerina Vujic
Kathleen Diperna
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