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Member Forms

Membership Card/Union Dues Authorization/PAF Form

Blue Cross Blue Shield Claim Form (side a)

Blue Cross Blue Shield Claim Form (side b)

Dental Claim Form

Vision Claim Form

Tuition Reimbursement Form

Verizon North ADL & CNC Guidelines

Verizon Anticipated Disability Forms G2518-ADL

Verizon Care For Newborn Children Forms

Verizon North FCL Guidelines

Verizon FCL Form G2518-FCL 2016

Verizon FCL Recertification Form G2518-REC 2016

Verizon Concession Form

Verizon CSSC Job Sharing Guidelines & Application

Verizon FMLA Forms

Verizon Educational/Civic/Military/Personal Leave Form

Verizon New Career Reimbursement Form (For Retirees)

Verizon Dependent Care Enrollment Form and Q & A

Verizon Dependent Care Reimbursement Form

2017 Pendant Application

2017 Pendant Quarterly Reimbursement Form




Company Policies

New England Telephone SNOWSTORM POLICY






Federal/State Policies/Laws

Small Necessities Leave Act-Massachusetts: Time Off for Certain Family Obligations: Workers may have the right to take up to 24 hours of unpaid leave every 12 months for:a child's school activities, a child's doctor or dentist appointment, or an elder relative's doctor or dentist appointment or other appointment related to the elder's care.Workers are eligible for this leave if the employer has 50 or more employees, and if the worker has worked at least 1,250 hours for that employer in the last 12 months.

Note: Workers have the right to this leave in addition to the 12 weeks allowed by the federal Family and Medical Leave Act.


Steward Forms

Personnel Records Authorization Form

Medical Records Authorization Form

Discussion Form

Grievance Notification Form

Article 24 Consent Form

Withdrawal Consent Form

Grievance Checklist

Grievant's Statements

Grievance Notes

Grievance Report

Grievance Status

Attendance Grievance Number Application 



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